Cold Canning Tomatoes

Cold Canning Tomatoes ~ my neighbor just taught me this canning method and so far I have 2.5 gallons canned!

Wash out kitchen sink
Close sink with plug
Fill sink with tomatoes
Pour 8 qts boiling water over them (until covered)
Let sit for a few minutes – till skin pulls away easily
Let water out by pulling the sink plug up with tongs
Peel and core tomatoes put the peels and cores in separate bowl
Cut peeled tomatoes up (I like large chunks) and put in stock pot
Add any juice from peels and cores bowl to the stock pot
Simmer for 20 minutes and stir occasionally
Wash jars in hot soapy water and rinse, let dry
Use canning funnel to fill jars to ½ inch of the top and add about 1 tsp salt into jar ( I added 1 tsp of the citric acid from my mom)
Wipe rims of jar with clean white towel
Boil little pan of water and lids for 1 minute
Put lid on jar while hot (with tongs)
Screw lid on, but not tight
Wait 10-40 minutes till the lids pop and seal

Have at least 1 pint jar ready to go for the leftovers