Lets Find a Deal on a New Car Battery

I absolutely love saving money.  My car battery died and I called the company that does all our car maintenance to find out the cost of a new battery.  I found out that it might be the alternator or the starter or the battery and to make sure I needed a new battery they needed to run this $37 test.  If it was a new battery the cost would be $96 for a 75 month Nappa battery.  Total: $133 + tax = $139.65.  Note: if it is not the battery, but it is the alternator, you could kill a new battery in 2-3 days and need to start all over again, so the test is a good idea.

Armed with this information, I called Advance Auto Parts and told them my car was not starting and asked why I should purchase a new battery from them.  They said they will test the system (battery vs alternator vs starter) for free and the 84 month battery would cost me $89.99+ tax ($94.49) and this battery has a 3 year warranty (the replace it for free it it dies in the first 3 years) and then if it dies before 84 months but after 3 years they will pro-rate it towards a new battery purchase.  Great!  Now here is the best part, right before going to the store I googled “Advance Auto Parts Coupon” which always brings up my favorite coupon finding website “retailmenot.com” which had listed a $35 off coupon for a purchase over $85 (code BIG35).  Then I also checked the Advance Auto Parts online store to check on the battery price and their website had a 20% off coupon code for online orders only (code OPTION).  So armed with these online coupons I headed to Advance Auto knowing even if they wouldn’t honor an ONLINE only coupon I would already be saving money buying the battery from them.  So, at the store I told the man that my car wasn’t starting without being jumped and he said it needed a new battery.  I asked him if he would run the tests for the battery, alternator, and starter (the info I learned from the repair shop) and he said yes.  This required him to test my battery, then put in a store battery and run another test, then put in my new battery after determining it indeed was the battery that was the problem.  While he was doing this I spoke with the store manager and just asked politely if they would honor an online coupon.  He and I got on the web together, put the right battery in the online store cart and entered the BIG35 coupon code and WOW $35 savings instantly.  He said he couldn’t sell me the battery that cheap, but that I could order it online and do a site to store free shipping and it was a done deal.  He would give me the battery now and would replace his inventory with the battery being shipped to his store.  No waiting for me to get a new battery.  So, after getting behind the counter and using their computer to place my order, my total cost: was $66.99!  Yes, it took me about 30 minutes more to save  $72.66, but hey that is $145.32 an hour!  Not bad for a nights work.  Can you tell I love a good deal J