Marriage Advice - for when you get MAD

10 Sane Steps For When He Makes You Crazy

1.  Wait until you cool down. Before saying or doing anything. A really good first step.

2.  Pray about it. Yes, I really mean that. Prayer can settle your soul and clarify your thinking. Pray for him and pray for yourself.

3.  Determine whether it's worth "fighting" for. It might simply be an offense you can overlook. Or maybe not. 

If not....

4.  Clearly identify the issue. Maybe it was only a "small" thing, but it's significant to you for your own reasons. Be ready to explain those reasons the best you can.

5.  Approach him in love. This means not coming after him with eyes blazing (see #1).

6.  Be prepared to listen. He might - just might - have his own side to the story. Hear him out too.

7.  Give him time. He could need to think about it (and keep praying while he's thinkin'!).

8.  Be ready to forgive. Not necessarily because he deserves it. Or that it's easy. But because you've been forgiven much too.

9.  Let it go. Don't hold on and let bitterness take root. And don't throw it in his face the next time it happens (Did I say "next time"...? Ugh.).

10. Choose to love him. All over again. And then again.