Bee Stings

Two of my kids have gotten bee stings in the last week and here is how I deal with them… it takes away the pain and swelling almost instantly.

1.  In a small bowl or glass dish mix about 2 Tablespoons of baking soda with just enough apple cider vinegar to make a bubbly paste (just mix it quickly with you fingers till all the baking soda is wet and it is the consistency of apple sauce).
2.  Put a large blob of this mixture right on the bee sting and the surrounding skin.  The bigger the blob the better.
3.  Wait 10-15 minutes till the blob begins to dry out.
4.  You can repeat this step if you feel it is necessary but at this point, I usually just rinse off the baking soda mixture and pat dry.
5.  Put a large blob of hydrated Redmond Clay on the bee sting and surrounding skin.  Cover with a piece of plastic wrap (mine is usually a couple of layers thick because I fold the plastic wrap to make the right size) and tape the edges down with paper tape.  Now that I am thinking about it, you could just cut a square out of a freezer ziplock bag too.
6.  Leave this blob of Redmond Clay on for a few hours or even overnight.  This clay will draw all the poison and swelling right out!  My kids say, "its like magic".

Here are pictures of the 2 most recent bee stings with the Redmond Clay on them.  The clay covers about a 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch square of the skin.
Note:  I rehydrate the Redmond Clay with water till it makes a thick paste.

John's hand was still swollen, red and hot after 18 hours with the clay on it.  I know that hands tend to swell up more (because of the small blood vessels, lack of circulation to remove the toxins out of that location, and hands tend to always stay below the heart), but I took him to the doctor anyway to see if there was anything else I should be doing.  The nurse practitioner and the doctor assured me that all was fine because their were no red streaks going up his arm and hands just tend to swell up more.  They both told me to keep the clay on it since it was doing such a good job and that for this type of sting it would be about 72 hours till things calmed down.

John's bee sting on his back was fine after having the clay on it overnight.

Lucy's bee sting on her toe last week was completely gone after 1 hour with the clay on it.

So, use your judgment about how long to keep the clay on the bee sting… it really depends on the type of bee or wasp and the location.