God is always good ~ I am praising God for a broken foot today.

Lucy broke her foot jumping down some stairs at home group on Wednesday.  We have spent 8 hours in 3 different medical facilities over the past 2 days and I want to share with you the good news!!

I just have to tell you how much God cares for Lucy and the details of her special body.  I totally feel like this broken bone was divinely designed just to keep us on track.  Let me explain:  First, this is the perfect little fracture in one bone in the top of her foot!  Lucy only needs to wear a walking shoe till it heals.  It is a completely stable fracture that should heal in about TWO WEEKS!  I can’t think of an easier broken bone to have.  Second, Lucy was born with hypotonia, she didn’t walk until she was 2 and has very low muscle tone which creates all kinds of issues still to this day.  Walking at a very young age (normally around one), bone jarring exercise, and muscle tone are what develop/grow your bones and bone density.  This tiny break forced Lucy to get her first x-rays which allowed the pediatric orthopedic doctor to see that Lucy has very low bone density and needs a little “intervention”.  The doctor then spent about 30 minutes with me talking me through the changes that need to take place so that Lucy can develop bone density and avoid a lot of problems later on in life (like osteoporosis).   I just wanted to share this to say what I thought was “one more thing” to deal with, I now see as God’s constant loving kindness and provision for our family.   Thank you Jesus for Lucy’s fractured foot!