I love tea!

I absolutely love tea, so let me tell you about some of my favorites...

First, as a mom, you need a mug that will keep your tea hot (or cold) for at least 6 hours until you actually have time to finish the cup.  So lets start here...  REI vacuum infuser mug, yup, worth every penny!  I can make a cup of tea at 6 AM, and throw it in a bag, run kids around, and sit down at 1 PM when they are in some class and have a perfectly hot cup of tea.

My favorite places to buy organic teas are the Bulk Herb Store (BHS) and Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH).  I do find some good teas at Whole Foods, especially in the bulk section.

Here is a list of some of my favorite teas:

English Breakfast  (MRH)
Earl Gray (MRH)
Assam (MRH)
Mango Ceylon (MRH)
Indian Spiced Chai

Rise & Shine Tea is a mix of Green tea with herbs and it is wonderful (BHS)
Jasmine Green Tea
Any Japanese Green Tea especially Genmai/Houji with puffed rice

Honeybush Tea (MRH)
Red Rooibos Tea (MRH)
Vanilla Rooibos Tea (MRH)

Peppermint (I really like the Whole Foods bulk peppermint although I do grow 3 different kinds myself)
Hibiscus Tea
Very Berry Tea (BHS)
Fidnemed Night Time Tea (MRH)

Herbal / Medicinal
Cough Tea (BHS)
Double E-Immune Booster (BHS)
Happy Tummy Tea (MRH)
Herban C Tea (BHS)
Forests Blend Tea (MRH)

Single Ingredients I keep on hand to add to my other teas
Burdock Root
Rose Hips