Immune Boosters (my personal notes from videos so I can find the info!)

Serious immune boosters (not to be used everyday) ~ Megan Stevens (Eat

Part 1:
Fighting off a virus that is just starting; it is present, but not full blown


N-Acetyl cysteine – amino acid, lung health & detox (designed for health company) à this can be used everyday!
Oregano Essential oil  - traditional cooking article “How to use oregano oil safely” à don’t use this everyday.
Dump out a little of the powder into the capsule, 4 drops into the capsule of the amino acid, take it right away; 1 for 2-4 days, 12 hours later take probiotics

Take it with fat
1/8 tsp Raw honey on a spoon and then 2 tsp of fat (coconut oil or ghee); dissolve in your mouth right after taking the fat


Herbs and pathogen killers
Plant therapy brand oregano oil

Biocult brand probiotic if you don’t have bloating
Perscript assist (look under supliments)

Throat sprays

Part 2: The Nose

Caster oil – her favorite carrier oil, good job of allowing your body to absorb the essential oils

Lavendar or

Use this when you feel like you have a cold coming on
1.     Blow your nose
2.     1/16 tsp of carrier oil and one drop of one of the oils
3.     mix together with Q-tip
4.     put Q-tip inside nose and rub around in there as high as possible
5.     redip Qtip and do other side
6.     pinch nose to push the oils up a bit

Part 3 – The Ears
Herb Pharm – mullein garlic oil
2-4 drops of warm oil into the ear for 5 minutes

Organic distilled white vinegar and rubbing alcohol 1:1 solution
4-6 drops in each ear for 5 minutes
on her website under resources and herbs there is sterile bottles with droppers

Steam tent on eat beautiful website article “steam tent”
3 drops of essential oils in boiling water, lean over steam pot and then cover head with large towel for 15 minutes
peppermint, tea tree, lavender, clove, or eucalyptus
tissues to blow nose, paper cup to spit into

Throat sprays

Spray into the throat and then lay on the side of hurt ear so the throat spray drains back into that ear.